Cara Zavaleta
Playboy Centerfold
The magazine rack in the back of the old bookstores has long-been
 referred to as the wailing wall. In modern times, though,
these men's magazines are hermetically sealed, protected for your
pleasure, safety and convenience-- safeguarded from the ravages
of moisture, fingerprinting and those peeping, squinty-eyed Toms'
who just had to know... for free, of course. From this rear section
all the way to the front of the store a chatty collection of
autograph-seekers and well-wishers keep the line alive and vital
for quite some time.
Playboy's Cara Zavaleta signs and
shines at Leo's Bookshoppe in old downtown Toledo.
     Hundreds of people come out for Cara, the Toledo area's third and
latest rendition of Hef's monthly choice for gracing his centerfold.
Years ago other locals, Jan Roberts and Cindy Meyers had their
belly-buttons stapled for all of us to see. Cindy went on
to become an international phenomenon. With a
mocha cup nearby for good effect, Cara, along with her
friends and her fans spend hours in delightful conversations and
interaction. Girlfriends come to kiss and hug, admirers come for a
look-see, and collectors and aficionados come and buy-up her books,
some lugging-up dozens of slick Playboy magazines for her to sign.
  Playboy Magazine's Playmate of the Month is indeed our lady of the
Midwest,  our centerfold, our own girl next door. The POM turned 50 this
last year with nary a wrinkle nor a staple in her ageless and silken'd skin.
    Times have changed, though. Nowadays our centerfolds no longer need staples
 to keep her from flapping about. For safety's sake, though, each of her magazines
 is now carefully inserted into a tight paper bag or plastic-wrapped so she won't
 flop about for all to see. A case in point is the fact that one of the local
television stations let a piece of the inside action out to the public on
the six o'clock news, thereby resulting in the immediate termination
of the news director. So much for a free sneak peek. 
    In town recently, former Playmate of the Year Heather Kosar's comment
 on this brouhaha was that maybe it was the straw that broke the
 camel's back and that the termination had nothing
whatsoever to do with censorship.
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