Glass City Open 2005
The kickoff party for the
The Glass City Open is a homecoming for older
and newer pool friends and foes. The festivities preceding the player's meeting includes
a match between Waseon, Ohio's Landon Zunk, who is severely disabled because of a
bad crash last year, and (The Scorpion)
Johnny Archer. Though he cannot speak
and has trouble reaching his long shot, Landon pockets the 9-ball legitimately,
beating the champ. Anybody can win.
CBS-11's journalism and photo journalism
Joe Rychnovsky is a busy man producing a memorable
piece on the youngster's setbacks, challenges and accomplishments.
Tommy Kennedy's unbelievably mesmerizing routine where he sets a
score-and-a-half of balls into continuous motion like a Rube
Goldberg  infinity machine-- all balls rolling and banking at one
time without clashing, is a wondrous sight to behold.
Keith McCready and (Hillbilly) Charles Bryant begin the t-shirt
autographing sessions, while pool photographer
Diana Hoppe
(yes, she is a shoestring relation to Willie) and
John Macias discuss his upcoming sports magazine profile.
Pattrick's magical, sleight-of-hand card tricks are so
hot that his billfold unbelievably bursts into flames.

Nick Varner, along with just about every pool player
in the house is happy to see the return to the game
of pool's legendary (King James)
Jim Rempe.
Rempe thinks that the newly embedded television
cameras, which are situated beneath the rails, is
giving us a superb look at the action and
interaction of the balls. With slow-motion
replays, we can now see the micro-views
of just how the cue-ball spins, how the ball it
hits reacts, and just how a drawn cue-ball flows.
"Pool on television will be more popular than golf,"
Jim says. "Its the cheapest game to play. People like balls."
When George Carlin was in town recently he
said, "If I ever open up a pool hall I will
name it
Quit Breaking My Balls."
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Glass City Open 2005
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