Toledo Mud Hens Opener 2009
 Schmoozing on a Sunny Afternoon
 Toledo Mud Hen fans, not unlike Punxsutawney Phil  are coming out of hibernation.
They are feeling the warming sun of April 16th, 2009 and deciding that spring is indeed here--
and a day at the ballpark is just the ticket to celebrating the release from winter's discontent.
The streets, sidewalks, alleyways, rooftops, office buildings and pubs are part of  a migrating,
movable party that is threading it's way from place to place, through throngs of heavily-packed
revelers to smaller sideshows of old friends and familiar faces-- seeing who's alive and
who didn't survive since last season. Mothers and fathers pushing baby strollers,
brothers and sisters wheeling chairs for those unaccustomed to ambling alone.
 Publishers, politicians and peddlers displaying their wares from booths along the way--
 handing-out trinkets and special deals to anyone stopping and listening to their appeals.
About a third of the nearly 14,000 people inside the park are not in the seats. If they aren't
working they're schmoozing beneath the stands or atop the clubhouse loges and walkways--

or hanging out on the steps and roosts, catching the last warming rays the evening's sun.
The "I LIKE MIKE" (Mayor, Mike Bell) campaign stickers are displayed upon the clothing
of thousands of supporters.
The bathroom phenomena has everyone guessing. It seems like
this is the first time ever for long lines at the little boys room-- with virtually none for the girls.
etired and all-time media favorite, Jim Tichey is at the game while
veteran broadcaster Frank Gilhouley catches it at home this year.

Tony Packo's, Legends, Fricker's, the Bronze Boar, Club Liquid and Pizzapopolis
are all catering to overflow crowds. At
The Blarney, across from the Hen's northwest corner,
the rocking tunes of
Empire Drift are wafting into the purple night's sky-- while on the patio it's SRO.
Michael's a few blocks away is less frenetic and expensive with more room for rubbing elbows
and less noise and confusion away from the amplified music and chattering crowds.
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