Barack Obama
First Visit Toledo
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Nearly 15,000 come to the University of Toledo's

Savage Hall to be inspired by this youthful
rock star of modern Presidential politics.
About a third of them are turned away because
there is no more room inside. Long lines snake
up and down the Ottawa River's embankments.
Not unlike pilgrims to a grotto, they wait for hours in
the cold with placards and patience-- a hope and a
prayer. Out of the biting wind, off of the freezing
concrete, past the sniffing German shepherds,
through the metal detectors, waving wands
and coat-check cops the crowd meanders on
through assigned ropes and gates to the basketball
arena which is temporarily transformed for their
political and religious pleasures into a makeshift
altar and speaker's podium. VIPs sit in special
sections while others either stand or search-out the
coveted bleacher seats. The nosebleed section fills last with
the body-heat hanging there like a dizzying hot sauna.
Old and young in wheelchairs are ushered up-front
where the Mariachi singers and the dancers, the gospel choir
and the jazz band flourish in the blazing klieg lights.
Staking-out a base camp on the media risers,
sandwiched in between
CBS TV-11's Dick Berry
and the
ABC World News Tonight crew, CamericaTV absorbs
the media event that appears to be more of a religious
revival or a rock-concert-mosh-pit than that of a political rally.

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